Reasons Why People Cheat, The Psychology of Cheating

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Researches on family and marriage have been unable to give an exact definition of infidelity or cheating. Infidelity is a major cause of increasing divorce rates all around the globe. The known rates of infidelity range from 13% to 10% during adulthood and reach their peak at 20% in couples who are in their 40s. The people who were cheated on by their partners and found out describe this as a devastating experience. A relationship where one person cheats on his/her partner can only recover altogether after the cheating partner confesses his wrongs and feels guilty. Even people with affairs who are not divorced cannot sustain a happy marriage if they stay together because of certain bonds or restrictions such as children or pecuniary matters. True love or strong religious beliefs may help in keeping a marriage together. What is required here is the need to realize that cheating on your partner is a symptom of unhappy marriage. This realization can help a couple in growing closer and patching things up. Latest researches have shown that there are no gender based reasons for cheating.

Reasons Why People Cheat - Relationship Facts

Here are a few reasons why people feel the need to cheat on their partners.

Desire for more than what you already have is also a reason though not a significant one. Some people just want to have more physical intimacy. It’s not a common reason probably because it’s not exactly a decent one to describe, but for some people it’s true. They feel the urge to have physical relations with more people.

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